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What is the reason for this story? I could not create a story that fit the character satisfactorily. One day, I had the idea for a drawing of Lana as a simple schoolgirl. The design was very cool and came up with an idea for a story that was cool. Years later came the idea of Lana with the mohawk and with that a better idea than the first. I put together the two stories and it was very good, despite being a slice of life. And so the official Lana story is this. There are more details and many details that I still need to work on and if you are interested, I post the Lana's saga.


Name: Lana Ulrich
Birthplace: Brazil (with Germany citizenship)
Age: 16 yrs (in beginning), 25yrs(in the end) (23/06)
Height: 1,78m (5,10ft) at 16, 1,83m(6,04ft) at 25
Weight: 60kg (132lb) at 16, 66kg(145lbs) at 25
Body: Athletic
Sexual orientation: Lesbian
Relatives: Katia ( mother), Maria Fernanda (aunt), Pedro (cousin), Camila(cousin), Luana(coisin), Mario( uncle), Edward ( father). 
Occupation: High school student.
Specialty: Music, especially electric guitar.


Story: It starts when, she moves to the USA because of her mother's job promotion. There she makes friendships that last the rest of her life and finds the love of her life. But a tragedy shakes things up. Later, she returns to Brazil to continue her life. At the age of 18, her father returns after spending six years without giving a face, proposing that she go to live in Germany, where he lives. She accepts the offer and goes. After forming a band and starting a music career, several problems lead to solo career. After several years without seeing the friends of the USA, she reunites them in the marriage of one of them. Friendship bonds are reinvigorated and everything ends well.